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Motrhedz Essential Summer Apparel for Bikers

Motrhedz Essential Summer Apparel for Bikers

The life of a biker is characterized by freedom. Freedom to go wherever you want with your ride, and also dress however you please. Most people think of leather or denim jackets when they think of biker-wear. However, you may be interested in trying some different clothing options to beat the summer heat. Let’s look at some essential biker apparel for this summer.

1.   Loud Pipes Save Lives T-Shirt

Loud Pipes Save Lives T-Shirt

Riding enthusiasts that want to deck themselves in a t-shirt with attitude will appreciate our Loud Pipes Save Lives t-shirt. After all, riding loud is part of the biker lifestyle. Your beast creates earth-shattering sonic waves wherever it goes, and you can keep that energy alive with this badass shirt.

2.    Another Day Behind Bars T-Shirt

Another Day Behind Bars T-Shirt

If you’re the kind of biker that hits the road with their sled on a regular basis, this Another Day Behind Bars t-shirt should be up your alley. This shirt is perfect for anyone that wants to show off their rebel side and their love for biking. It looks just as great riding on your bike as it does at the bar, so deck yourself out in this punny t-shirt this summer.

3.  Nobody Cares Work Harder T-Shirt

Nobody Cares Work Harder T-Shirt

Do you care? Does anyone care? Not really. Show off your DGAF attitude with this cool t-shirt. This polyester-cotton blend t-shirt features a brutal-looking skull design with a badass mantra that’s bound to stop others from whining and crying in your proximity. Show others who’s boss the next time you’re out on the road with this Nobody Cares Work Harder t-shirt.

4. If It Doesn’t Scare You It’s Not Fast Enough Hoodie Sweatshirt

If It Doesn’t Scare You It’s Not Fast Enough Hoodie Sweatshirt

Riding fast is the name of the game, and if you’re not a bit scared while speeding down the highway, you’re just not going fast enough. Our If It Does Scare You, It’s Not Fast Enough hoodie embodies this attitude.

This hoodie is perfect for bikers that love to ride on those cloudy days with a slight drizzle, or simply for hanging around your favorite biker bar after hours. Let the world know you’re an adrenaline junkie who’s not afraid to push themselves to the next level.

5. MotrHedz Logo Baseball Cap

5.	Motrhedz Logo Baseball Cap

Wanna keep that biker attitude alive at your next barbeque or sporting event? Then this MotrHedz logo baseball cap is for you. This cap features our iconic logo printed on high-quality cotton and spandex material. Keep the sun away, or simply show off your love for biking with this rebellious cap.

The Biker Lifestyle

Remember, the life of a biker is characterized by freedom and with that comes the choice to live however you like. So no matter what you are in the mood for, dress up, gear up and hit the long and never ending road!


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