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How to Choose the Right Tires for Your Motorcycle

Best tires for your motorcycle
Buying the right tires for your motorcycle is about knowing what you'll use that bike for. It's about how hard you're going to ride that bike and how fast you're going to ride it. So here is a small guide to choosing tires for your motorcycle.  

How to Choose the Best Tires for Your Motorcycle

Choosing the right tires for your bike is a two-step process, broadly speaking. You need the right tires for your needs, and the right size for your bike. 

Tire Type 
There are four types of motorcycle tires depending on how hard or fast you ride; cruiser, street, dual-sport/ADV, or dirt. Cruiser is for light riders, street is for street racers, dual-sport/ADV is for competitive racers, and dirt, is for dirt bikers. 
When you've chosen a tire type, you can get down to specifics like brands, compounds, speed ratings, etc.

Tire Size 
The standard for quoting tire size in the industry is the metric system. Tire sizing consists of 5 components. 

Section Width 

This is the width of the tread in millimeters from one side to the other in a straight line. It's nearly always a 3-digit number. 

Aspect Ratio 

This is the ratio of the tire width as a percentage of its height. The higher the number is, the taller the tire. It's usually a 2-digit number. 

Rim Diameter 

The length of the rim from one lip to the other in inches. Usually a 2-digit number. 

Load Rating 

A numerical code for the weight a tire is designed to bear in pounds. This can be found on a Load Index Rating Chart (Code 20 corresponds to 176 lbs, Code 79 corresponds to 963 lbs). 

Speed Rating 

Alphabetical code for the speed the tire can run at safely when it's inflated and loaded. Codes range from J to Z (not always ordered alphabetically; so dangerous to assume speed rating). Better to see manufacturer information to find the right speed rating. 

Bonus: Born-On Date

This is a 4-digit numerical code which shows when the tire was manufactured. The first 2 digits indicate which week of the year it was made in (25 means the 25th week of the year). The last 2 digits indicate which year it was made in (16 means 2016).

Using these numbers, you can choose the right size of tires for your motorcycle.  

Tire Construction 

There are two basic types of tire construction for motorcycle tires. 


Bias-Ply tires have a stiffer sidewall and are designed for heavier loads at lower speeds, which makes them a candidate for cruisers and larger bikes with cargo.


Radials also provide great over-all performance, but are designed to withstand higher speeds and handle corners extremely well.  

To choose the best tires for your motorcycle, you need to take all these elements into consideration. 

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