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7 Things Only Bikers Will Understand

7 Things Only Bikers Will Understand
The life of a biker is a unique one that only a few people understand. There’s an aura of mystery around the culture, and this draws many towards the biker life. Like most subcultures, there are certain things only the people who experience it daily will understand.
So let’s look at 7 things only bikers will understand.

1.      Acceleration

Riding your bike for your daily activities can be fun. However, nothing truly compares to the thrill of taking it to the limit. Twist the throttle on a v-twin cruiser and you’re smacked with loads of ground twisting torque. Winding out a sport bike you will be thrusted into adrenaline pumping acceleration and the scream of 9000 plus RPM.

2.      Greeting Other Riders

There’s an unspoken camaraderie between bikers on the road, even complete strangers. Whether it’s a subtle left-hand lowered wave or a simpler head nod, this greeting helps keep the biker spirit alive and reminds you both of the freedom you enjoy.

3.      Respecting Other Biker’s Rides

For many bikers, their ride is their most precious possession. This means it is poor manners to sit on someone else’s ride without asking permission first. In fact, doing so may lead others to wonder what is going through your head. At worse, you risk offending the owner and inadvertently starting trouble.

4.      Disapproving Looks from Car Drivers

Let’s face it, most car drivers will never understand the biker life. They may pull up next to you at a traffic signal and shoot you a death stare every now and then. Either you’re a biker or not a biker - The non-bikers are easy to spot.

5.      Bike Maintenance

The biker life isn’t just about cruising down roads and highways. A lot of work goes into keeping our rides in tip top shape. Performing routine maintenance on your bike is enough to turn anyone into a grease monkey. However, it also helps foster a deeper bond between you and your ride.

6.      The Weather Sucks Sometimes

Many people are drawn to the biker life because they love to feel the wind rush past them as they drive. However, the weather doesn’t always work out in your favor. Hard-Core bikers will muscle through the weather, rain-or-shine, but novices may want to seek shelter until the rain passes. After all rain, or moisture for that matter, can wreak havoc on your electrical system.

7.      We’re Always Dressed for the Occasion

One of the most notable aspects of the biker life is the dress-code, or lack thereof. Some like vests or leather jackets and a bandana, some may prefer hoodies and backwards cap – either way, you do you.

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