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5 Great Apps for the Modern Motorcycle Rider

5 Great Apps for the Modern Motorcycle Rider

 The modern motorcycle rider has greater agency and options than ever before. With the number of great apps available online, they can judge their performance and improve their biking experience. More than that, these 5 great apps for the modern motorcycle rider have become essential.   

Waze + Google Maps 

Whether you ride for fun, or whether your job requires you to zoom around, you’ll need these two apps. Waze and Google maps are two companion apps that will help you navigate traffic and find your way to any location. 

While Google Maps is sufficient for most of those things, Waze will help update your routes, accounting for real-time traffic. Both apps can locate nearby gas stations, restaurants, and almost anything you need on your journey. 

You can get both apps for free on iOS and Android. 

Eat Sleep Ride 

Developed by bikers for bikers, this is one of the most essential apps for the modern motorcycle rider. It has GPS and tracking, of course, but it also monitors details like speed and lean angles. It saves and lets you upload routes which you’ve enjoyed. So, if you’re a biking enthusiast, you can plan the perfect rides with this. 

The crash-light feature, which is only available as an in-app purchase, can detect if you’ve had an accident. Your friends and family can be alerted to your location immediately. This can be a great help during moments of crisis. 

You can get Eat Sleep Ride for both Android and iOS. 


This is a maintenance tracker for your bike. It can store important info including the MOT date, the last service date, tire check, and filter replacements, etc. Basically, when you need to get any maintenance done, AUTOist will notify you. How?

Well, it tracks how many miles your bike has done. According to that, it notifies you whether you need to take it into the shop or not. It can save multiple bike profiles too, so fret not if you have more than one bike.

AUTOist is available only on Android.   

Moto Magazine 

Moto Magazine is the perfect way to keep up with any and all biking news. The app however, costs £25 a year, for a subscription, which is pretty fair. It’s available on both Android and iOS. 


The final app on this list is another all-in-one which can track your rides, save routes, and call emergency services. Any medical information will be relayed to the emergency services including emergency contacts. This is a really helpful app if you do a lot of riding abroad. 

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