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The 3 Best Speedometer Apps for Any Racer

Speedometer apps for both Android and iOS


Image Title: Best speedometer apps for every drag racer

Image Alt Text: Speedometer apps for both Android and iOS

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Any good drag racer has to keep getting better. Today, there’s no getting better without looking at the hard facts. The best way to do that personally is to have your own speedometer app with you at all times.

Not only can you record your 0-60 time, but also record your entire race. That way, you can focus on where you’re going wrong, and how you can improve.

So, here are the best speedometer apps for any racer.

1.      GPS Speedometer

You’ll find more than a speedometer and a GPS tracker in this app. You will also find an altimeter and a sound meter. The latter will measure your environmental noise in dB by using the microphone on your smartphone. The altimeter will measure altitude using GPS.

The app has an analogue speedometer and a digital one too. It also includes a map mode to show you the live location of your car on a satellite map. You can use this app for travel too, but it’s awesome for drag racing.

You’ll have to pay extra for the ad-free version, but the free version will still do you good. You can get this one on Android.

2.      Smart GPS Speedometer

Perhaps the most feature rich option n this list, the app has two modes for driving and cycling. The driving mode can read speed up to 180 miles an hour. The app has features to check your current speed, maximum speed, average speed, and distance covered. You can also check elapsed time and moving time. This is one of the best speedometer apps for any racer.

Also, it has a few goodies up its sleeve like a fuel price check in your area. It even has a map of car dealers, taxi stands, parking spots, car repair shops, and washing services. Most of these features are available in the paid version.

You can get this one on iOS

3.      Speedometer ∞/Speedometer PRO

Speedometer ∞ is a deceptively simple app that has everything you need for drag racing. You can check your maximum speed and average speed, and set a speed limit. The app also has an HUD mode. To enable it, you have to tap anywhere on the screen. You can project the content of the app to your car’s windshield. You can find this app on iOS.

The counterpart on Android is Speedometer PRO. It basically gives you everything that Speedometer ∞ does. You can record details like time taken, distance covered, and create a speed limit. You can also record all your trips in the History tab and check on them after you’re done.

This app can be found on Android.

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