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St. James Raceway: The Most Beautiful Drag Strip in the World

Located in the tiny Caribbean Island of Nevis, St. James Raceway is perhaps the most beautiful drag strip in the world. It is rivaled only by a few contenders like the Alaska Raceway Park or the Bristol Dragway in Tennessee.

The strip is located in a nation called the Federation of Saint Kitts, which comprises of two islands. The second is Saint Kitts. The total nation is just 36 square miles in total. The drag strip is on the Eastern side of the island and measures about 1000 feet in distance.

St. James Raceway has Breathtaking Views of the Ocean

St. James lies smack dab in the middle of the West Indies and has great views of the Atlantic Ocean. The starting line is no more than 200 feet from the shoreline and the beautiful crashing waves. There are tiny island rocks adding to the view on the horizon.

The Strip Has All the Modern Conveniences for Drag Racing

The track is not just beautiful to look at, it has all the conveniences you need for a legitimate drag strip. This includes a timing system, a sand trap at the end of the shutdown area, and even a Christmas tree. That being said, there is a lack of guard rails. That means, you’ll need to be extra careful driving here, because you can go off the track and end up on the adjoining return road or the shoreline.

However, it is a completely legal place to race and the islanders call it one of the most beautiful parts of their home.

St. James Raceway Attracts Visitors From Other Islands

Other than being a beautiful track, the Raceway attracts a lot of tourists to come and visit. Competitors from St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Croix, and Santo Domingo have all come to race. The latter three islands already have drag strips of their own. However, they recognize the superior beast.

The track is said to be attracting a lot more people for competitions. The government o the island is even stepping up to boost tourism and interest in the track. It seems one of the most beautiful drag strips in the world is going to become a lot more famous.

The majority of the cars which compete at the Raceway are imported and sport compacts. There are a few American muscle cars which show up from time to time, but they’re not mainstream. There are even some purpose-built race cars on the track occasionally.

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