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5 Most Iconic Drag Racing Cars in History

Iconic drag racing cars of all time

In the 70-year history of drag racing ever since the first official race, there have been many cars that have reached the iconic status. These range from old classics to new hot rods that are ruling the roost right now. For some it’s the design, for the others, it’s the specs. Whatever it is for you, no one can deny that these cars are some of the most iconic in history.

So, let’s go through 5 of the most iconic drag racing cars in history. 

5.    Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the newest car on this list. However, it deserves its place among the icons because of the power it commands. Launched in 2018, the SRT Demon is the quickest and most powerful car to come out of Detroit. When it was launched, it was the only one to have a trans brake and drag radials.

It also has air conditioning, air bags, traction control, a navigation system, and a factory warranty. 

4.    1970 Hot Wheel Plymouth Barracuda

This funny car was driven by Don “The Snake” Prudhomme. It helped make him an icon. His friend Tom McEwen sold Mattel on a Hot Wheel sponsorship for their funny cars. This was the first mainstream sponsorship deal in the history of drag racing. It changed drag racing forever.

McEwen and Prudhomme raced each other around the country in the Plymouth Barracudas. This made the model one of the most famous funny cars of all time. In 2014, the restored car was sold at an auction for $247,500.

3.    Dick Landy’s 1970 Pro Stock Dodge Challenger

Pro Stock was introduced as an NHRA class at the 1970 Winternationals. The following year, the Summernationals saw the victory of Dick Landy in his 1970 Dodge Challenger. Landy had become famous for racing with an unlit cigar in his mouth. From then on, his red, white, and blue Challenger also became his trademark and one of the most iconic drag racing cars.

2.    1970 Sox and Martin Pro Stock Plymouth Cuda

This one was owned by Ronnie Sox and his team manager Buddy Martin. Sox was known as “Mr. Four-Soeed” and together with his manager, was the best team in Plymouth.

Though they had raced with many cars before, their 1970 Hemi Cuda became their trademark vehicle. The car won the second Pro Stock event in drag racing history in Dallas. You can even catch this race on video on YouTube.

1.    Don Garlit’s Rear Engine Dragster

Garlit is known as “Big Daddy” for a reason. He’s the most famous drag racer of all time, so it makes sense that his ride would be on this list. He designed the first ever successful rear engine dragster after his front engine ride exploded. It cost him half his foot, but he persevered through it and came out stronger.

During his reprieve, he designed the rear-engine dragster. He came back to racing in 1971 at the Winternationals and won. Not only did this car win, but it revolutionized the sport.

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