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5 Best Drag Racers of All Time

5 Best Drag Racers of All Time

There have been many greats in drag racing history. From the first racers kicking up dirt in the Deserts of California, to the champs of today, there is a long line of esteemed racers. However, there are some names which are etched in history, never to be forgotten. So, here are the 5 best drag racers of all time. 

1) Joe Amato

Born in Exeter Pennsylvania, this dragster would go on to win the NHRA Top Fuel championship on five different occasions. He also scored 52 victories at the event. He also created a personal record by exceeding the 260 miles per hour record. He again exceeded the 280 miles per hour record later in life. 

While he began racing as a teenager, he dropped out of high school to run his family’s auto parts store. However, he soon made a career racing at the Top Fuel championship. He won his first championship in 1983, and between 1982 and 2000, he ranked in the top 10. 

2) Kenny Bernstein

Kenny “Bud King” Bernstein was a legendary drag racer, famous for his success in the Budweiser King funny car and dragster. He was also called the King of Speed, because he broke the 300 miles per hour barrier. 

Kenny Bernstein also owned King Racing, which he drove for the NHRA. Bernstein also raced in NASCAR and IndyCar for a lot of his career. 

3) Dale Armstrong

The late Dale Armstrong was a force of nature. In his career he won 12 National Hot Rod Association events, as well as 12 International Hot Rod Association events. He also became Kenny Bernstein’s crew chief after retiring from his professional racing career in 1975. 

Dale Armstrong was also inducted into several different halls of fame in his lifetime. However, he wasn’t just one of the best drag racers of all time, he was also a genius. He became the first crew chief to test Funny cars inside wind tunnels. He also equipped dragsters with data recorders and installed a dual sourced fuel delivery system in his cars. 

4) John Force 

16-time NHRA champion John Force is one of the old school greats who still walk the earth. He still races for and own John Force Racing. Plus, he’s also the father of drag racers Ashley Force, Courtney Force, and Brittany Force. 

Due to his domination of the track, he has been nicknamed “Brute Force”.

5) Don Garlits

No list of the best drag racers of all time would be complete without Don Garlits. He is considered the father of drag racing, earning the name “Big Daddy”. He perfected the rear-engine Top Fuel dragster; something that was necessitated by a personal injury. He lost his foot in a dragster accident, and so invented the Top Fuel dragster to still be able to race.  

He was also the first drag racer to surpass the 170, 180, 200, 240, 250, and 270 mile per hour records in the quarter mile. 

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