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4 Tips for Beginner Drag Racers

4 Tips for Beginner Drag Racers


The drag racing world can be incredibly competitive, so racers must use various strategies to ensure victory. Novice drag racers spend months or even years trying to shave a few seconds off their racing time. However, practice can get you only so far before technique becomes more important.

Let’s look at 4 tips to take your drag racing performance to the next level:

  1. Follow the Grooves

Slicks offer the best performance for drag racers on the strip. However, it is also vital for racers to know where to position their car in the lane. One useful strategy is to aim for the “grooves” on the lane.

This refers to the portion of the lane with rubber build-up from previous races. These “grooves” offer better traction that can help improve your launch, therefore improving your 60' time. 

  1. Learn When to Change Gears

It is vital to know when to change gears to get the best performance from your vehicle. Most drivers use a tachometer with an adjustable shift light. This allows you to concentrate on the track and shift when the light comes on.

This leads many drivers to change gears while their foot is still on the accelerator. This may introduce wheel spin on vehicles that crank out a lot of power. Instead, drivers should focus on matching their engine revs with their drive-train speed and wheels each time they change gears.

  1. Focus on the Space Beyond the Finish Line

A simple but vital drag racing technique is to focus on the space beyond the finishing line. Many racers have a tendency  to see the finish line and then slow down. This may not seem intentional, but it does occur more often than not.

Focusing on the space after the finish line and accelerate through the traps.

  1. Make Sure Your Car is Ready For The Track

Sticky tires are a must for drag racing and essential to achieving consistent times E.T.s. Whether it's slicks or drag radials, you’ll be way better off than with street tires. Make sure your car is in tip-top mechanical shape with fresh plugs and wires and the fluids are topped off. Keep an eye on your engine temperature and make sure to cool the engine in between rounds. 

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