3 Things to Check When Buying Your First Muscle Car

3 Things to Check When Buying Your First Muscle Car

Thinking of buying your first muscle car huh? We don't blame you. 

Muscle cars are an essential part of American history. The Mustangs, the Camaros and the Gran Torinos are all hot rods that were cultural icons of their age. However, you should know what to look out for. They'll be at least 30-40 years old, and will no doubt require some work. 

So here is a basic guide to buying a muscle car for any first-time buyer. 

1.)Selecting the Right Car to Buy

A car is a major investment. You should think about long-term benefits and problems when even when you're buying a muscle car. Here are a few things you should know about. 

Available Parts 

Make sure your car can be repaired when it breaks. For some muscle cars, you can even order an entire steel body if it's damaged beyond repair. For cars without that basic safety net, pass immediately. 


Check for classic car clubs and enthusiast societies. Whether you're a DIY guy, or just like talking about cars, they can help you out. Consult with them before you buy a muscle car. They'll give you some good advice. 

Market Demand

Check if there's a marketplace for the muscle car you're buying. You will eventually want to sell it. if there's no market for it, you'll be taking a major loss. 

2.) Choosing Where to Buy Your First Muscle Car

Buying your first muscle car isn't like buying a brand new Honda Civic from the showroom. Finding the car that fits you is a hell of a challenge. So, here are a few places you can go to buy your muscle car.  


At a car auction you'll find high-end cars absent from any showroom or private dealer collection. You can also access car auctions online, meaning you can buy cars from other States. That being said, you can't inspect cars properly at an auction. Also, you can't return cars you bought at an auction if something goes wrong.


Dealers will let you inspect cars thoroughly and you can even negotiate on the price. However, there's a reason the term 'used car salesman' is so derided in America. There is a chance that you'll be duped into buying a car that has very little of what is promised. 

Private Parties 

Private parties are direct sellers, meaning you won't get charged 15-20% above actual price. Also, private parties know about the history of the car. They will more likely tell you the truth about the benefits and disadvantages of the car. 

The cons here are the hard work it'll take to arrange a meeting. Finding a verified private seller who can be trusted is going to be extremely time consuming. 

3.)Inspecting the Car

Using an inspector to look at a classic muscle car is necessary. They'll know which problems and defects to look out for right away. You can find good inspectors by asking for recommendations at car clubs or classic car dealers.  

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